Lina Orellana-Zimbron


A consultant for PrimeMyBody since 2019, we’ve been itching to bring Lina onto our executive team full-time, and as our unparalleled success continues, even during a global pandemic, there is no better time than now. With a galvanizing presence, Lina brings more than 14 years of corporate affiliate marketing experience, including the last seven years where she held the role of Corporate Engagement Manager for Fuxion BioTech—a multinational nutraceutical MLM that experienced a 315 percent increase in annual sales during her tenure.

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In the wake of the global Coronavirus outbreak, economies are buckling. Businesses, large and small—from rideshares and airlines to restaurants and hotel chains—are scaling back operations, or worse, shuttering their doors for good. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed to levels not seen since the Great Depression. People’s livelihoods and incomes have been ripped from underneath them in the blink of an eye. There’s no denying it. These are bleak times for millions of professionals and thousands of companies.

While a majority of retail and affiliate marketing companies are limping through these grim days, PrimeMyBody is proud to be growing financially, expanding our Affiliate community exponentially, launching cutting-edge products, and welcoming a proven corporate leader onto our executive team—whose vision and business acumen will help us to continue to thrive now, and well into the future.


"I am so excited to work with PrimeMyBody. I have known Paul for many years, and the level of trust we have with one another is an assurance that this is going to be a great experience for everyone. I just want to let everyone know that I am very familiar with what other companies in the U.S. and the rest of the world are doing, and what we have stands out among all the rest. Hemp and CBD are gaining momentum, and we are at a great advantage because we have been in the space for years, while others that I know are just looking into it," says Lina.

Born in vibrant Mexico City, Mexico, Lina grew up in a loving, tight-knit home with her parents, brother, and sister. From her mother, Lina learned that with the right attitude anything is possible. “My mom is so sweet and caring, but also a very strong, determined woman. She taught me that you can be whatever you’d like to be if you really want it. I’m so grateful for my parents and the lessons they’ve taught me,” says Lina.

From her father, Lina discovered from a young age the values and lessons that traveling and meeting new people from different cultures can provide. “My grandfather was an Ambassador for Mexico, so my dad grew up traveling. He taught me that the best way to grow as a person is to travel. When you travel you learn a lot about others and yourself. You learn there are a lot of ways to view the world that may be different than your perspective, so you learn to listen and appreciate the world much more,” adds Lina—who is fluent in both English and Spanish.


Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in communication, with a specialization in public relations, from the prestigious Universidad Anahuac, Lina went on to earn a master’s degree in marketing. Soon after, Lina began her career in the affiliate marketing industry as Marketing Manager for NHT Global. Making an impact immediately, Lina was then promoted to Commercial Director, followed by Country Manager for NHT Global’s Mexico market. In 2008, she relocated to Dallas as the company’s International Marketing Manager. On why she loves what affiliate marketing provides people from all walks of life, Lina says,

“This is an industry that provides equal opportunities for all. It doesn’t matter your gender, age, or nationality…you can grow a big business from sharing and selling quality products to your friends, family, and networks. But it’s important you’re working with an ethical company like PMB. It’s a business model that can empower people. I especially love what it can do for women. You can take care of your family, while also being really successful in business at the same time.”

As V.P. of Culture for PrimeMyBody, Lina Orellana Zimbron will combine her executive marketing and sales experience with her business training, relationship building, and operation management skill sets to support and assist the growth of our current operations in the U.S., Mexico, and Japan. Lina will also help spearhead further market growth as she assists the coordination of PrimeMyBody openings in new Latin American markets and beyond. For our current Affiliates, Lina wants you to know she is here as a presence of complete support.

“I’m here to be an ally for our Affiliates. They can count on me, and can talk to me, and can turn to me for what they need, what they feel, and what they may be missing to have great success,” says Lina.

In this time of crisis and confusion, while many companies are struggling and laying off employees, Lina will play a pivotal role helping to train and teach our current Affiliates how to get others excited about the PrimeMyBody opportunity during these tough economic times.

“In this time of crisis in which we are living, which is something we’ve never faced before, PrimeMyBody is prepared to help. These kinds of crises are when people learn that having just one income is tough. I want to assure our Affiliates that we can help ease some of the trouble others are facing. By that I mean we can help a lot of people who may have lost their job and who are hurting for income. Right now, we are going to be teaching them how to run a business and how to be successful during these unusual times.”

Although she misses her family in Mexico and the traditional foods and music of her native country, Lina embraces living in Dallas and says she now prefers living in the U.S. and traveling the world opening new markets. A powerful woman in life and business, Lina is supported by her husband who has encouraged her career growth every step of the way. In her downtime she enjoys playing with her two dogs and reading, typically a book a week.


I first met Lina almost 14 years ago when I was President of NHT Global and one of the countries that reported to me was Mexico. I quickly realized that she was better than the guys running the Mexico office, so I fired them and asked Lina to run everything. Sometimes it’s a slow process to find a great executive, but when you see it—then it’s very simple—that was the case with Lina.

She has experience in accounting, operations, marketing strategies, hiring and global market systems oversight…she has done quite a lot. She has opened markets around the world, from Russia to Columbia—overseeing hiring, firing, reporting, merchant systems, entity creations, product registration, translation services, and more. Here at PMB, Lina will focus on Marketing Strategies, Recognition Systems, Mexico Expansion and Japan administration protocols. She will bring years of international experience to our team!

We have become a world-class leader in the hemp industry and we need people with world- class experience to add value to our existing team! I am very proud of the tireless work the PMB Executive team has done over the last two years—I know of no other team, including Mary Mix, Jen Jeffries, Brian Cummings, James Paul, Buddy Byington, and my fulfillment team led by Caleb Rogers, that has been through more challenges and yet produced more results that my core team has produced. To this proven group of professionals, I am excited to include Lina Orellana Zimbron. With her intelligence, experience and her true love for people – she will be a valuable addition to the team.

Welcome, Lina!!

Paul Rogers
CEO & Founder, PrimeMyBody

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