Not much can beat a tail-wagging welcome from our lovable dogs or the comfort our adorable cats provide as they cuddle up and purr away on our laps. It’s our pleasure to introduce PrimeMyBody’s Veterinary Medical Advisor, Dr. Marlene Siegel.

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Dr. Siegel was instrumental in helping to develop PAWS—our recently released hemp extract and wellness supplement for cats and dogs. With decades of experience in holistic health for pets, Dr. Siegel helped to shape PAWS’ premier formula of all-organic, full spectrum cannabinoids and its entourage of wellness ingredients that work synergistically to support balanced mood and calmness, enhanced cognition, discomfort relief and improved mobility for our pets.

“PAWS is such an important tool to have in the wellness care kit for pets with existing health challenges. Equally as important, PAWS supports healthy pets, so they continue to have the highest quality of life that they deserve,” says Dr. Siegel.

From before she can remember, Dr. Siegel has always cared for animals of all species. She says her calling to become a veterinarian is something that developed naturally from a young age.

“I came out of the womb loving animals. I played with stuffed animals, never played with dolls. My whole life was very dedicated and geared toward animals. Even in elementary school, my classmates would bring me their sick hamsters and injured wildlife, and I’d take them to the vet up the road. I always knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. There was never a time when I didn’t expect to be doing that,” says Siegel—who loves being a pet parent to her four horses, numerous cats, several birds, fish, and chickens.

After graduating from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985, Dr. Siegel worked as a relief veterinarian before founding Pasco Veterinary Medical Center in Lutz, Florida, in 1987. A visionary in the pet health field, Dr. Siegel is committed to utilizing the most innovative treatment techniques for her pet patients. Pasco Veterinary Medical Center was the first in Florida to offer ultrasound telemedicine, the first to provide digital pet-specific radiography, and the second to offer class IV laser therapy—that promotes pain relief and stimulates injured cells with the use of deep-penetrating light. Helping to mentor the next generation of veterinarians, Dr. Siegel also runs an extensive volunteer program that provides students with hours of access to her pet patients and provides instruction for cutting-edge pet care.

In 2004, after one of her show horses, Lilly, began suffering from a debilitating neck injury, Dr. Siegel began incorporating more holistic wellness practices into her repertoire, including nutrition-based care, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, use of Chinese herbs, essential oils, emotional healing, whole-body tension relief methods, and Live Blood Analysis. These holistic modalities, combined with her training in western medicine treatments, have led to greater wellness results and improvements in quality of life for her patients.

“Holistic health for pets is all about helping the body to function in a way that it is naturally designed to function and supports health in a more biologically appropriate way,” says Dr. Siegel. “All animals deserve exceptional quality of life. Quality of life, to me, can be defined as being discomfort- and stress-free, having an abundance of healthy energy, and consistent states of balance—emotionally and physically.”

As PMB Veterinarian Medical Advisor, Dr. Siegel will assist with product development of our PMB Pet Care line of wellness products, and, in line with our continued mission to establish proven efficacy standards in the hemp market, she will soon be conducting and managing primary clinical screenings on PAWS’ effectiveness and specific health benefits. Currently, in the coordination phase, these data-driven screenings will gauge how PAWS helps to improve numerous health markers in both cats and dogs. We’ll be sure to announce updates on these screenings as they become available.

“PAWS was primarily designed to help with emotional discomfort and stress and also offers an improvement for animals that have mobility or joint issues. This product was put together with that specific purpose in mind,” adds Siegel—whose affinity for animals spread into literature in 2010 when she co-authored the book Demi and the Dolphins: A Lesson In Ecology with her daughter Alyssa.

When not at the clinic, Dr. Siegel enjoys training her own show horses and has become an avid permaculturist. In the kitchen, she loves to cook and has a special interest in raw food preparation.


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